About ESCX

ESCX is a token that focuses on educational projects in the field of Cryptocurrency, which will automatically be the key for everyone before plunging directly into the world of Cryptocurrency. We will provide, all matters of education related to Cryptocurrency broadly. Of course, this will greatly facilitate and beneficial for people who want to learn Cryptocurrency.

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Education is the key in all fields and also the needs that will always be needed at any time. Education is the most basic thing to start something. Without education how might you start? Have you ever started something without education? What did you get? Of course only failure for the sake of failure that you can. Try to compare, by starting with education, of course the things you start will be more directed towards success.


With the statement “Education is the key to the world of Cryptocurrency”, ESCX is present as a pioneer to meet the educational needs in the field of Cryptocurrency. As a pioneer of Cryptocurrency education, automatic ESCX will continue to be needed along with the development of Cryptocurrency.


We will launch an application called EXPERT STUDENT CLASS. This application, of course, aims to provide education to the wider community online and reach a wider target market and this application will be available on the Play Store. With this application we hope that people who do not understand and those who understand a little about Crypto can increase their knowledge.


Knowledge about cryptocurrency


It’s hard to find the right media to access cryptocurrency learning both offline and online

Investment website fraud:

Along with the development of digital assets and activities of both the popularity of cryptocurrency activities both mining and trading, making the emergence of some irresponsible people who use non-compliance and the lack of knowledge of the general public to large investors as targets of money games, Multi Level Marketing, or PONZI resulting in losses of up to tens or even hundreds of millions in each individual victim.

Lack of public knowledge about cryptocurrency:

The number of residents who have a crypto exchange account is less than 5% of the total population


Our method and vision

Offline Crypto School:

adequate building construction for educational media, and comfortable to share one individual with other individuals and with certain groups.

Online Application:

We will launch an application called EXPERT STUDENT CLASS. This application is of course aimed to provide
educating the public online and reaching a broader target market.

Crypto community

Members support each other to increase knowledge.

The main Apps

Learn about crypto education according to the mentor you choose

We have made this application as comfortable and as good as possible for its users. In order for users to be easy and comfortable to linger in the application, we have prepared various features as follow.
At the middle of our project we continue to build Expert Student Class Cryptocurrency Exchange & apps which combines one and two-way trading platform.
We are a large company that funds our own projects and ESCX tokens will be listed on the 2 minimum cryptocurrency exchange at the end of our airdrop. All ESCX liquidity can be seen in the end of  our whitepaper.

How it works

We solved issues of current and future

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Choose a mentor that you like according to what you want to learn

Choose the duration of the chat with a mentor

Choose the duration you need to ask the mentor you chose

Pay with existing payment options

You can choose the payment available for the duration of the chat with a mentor

Start asking the mentor

Start asking whatever you want to know about cryptocurrency

Introducing Edukasi Digital Aset Indonesia LTD.

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Crypto Education apps for android, ios version coming soon.

Easy and simple display
Many choices of experienced mentors
Features in chat rooms
Various payment methods


Our roadmap is a planned where we take on the most complex problems and turn them into great solutions

February 2019

Idea and Concept

March 2019

office construction,the legality of the company,& application setup

September 2019

Launch the application,Open Airdrop,office opening

October 2019

Listing on Exchange

Q1 2021 - Q3 2022

Open Public Member E.S.C & Open Public Mentor E.S.C

Q1 2021-Q3 2022

Update APK E.S.C Live Streaming

Q1 2022 - Q3 2023

Update Offline Strategi

Q1 2023 - Q3 2023

Update Public Payment with escx token

Token Information

Smartcontract Address:


Token Type: ERC-20

Max Supply: 200.000.000 ESCX

Total Supply:  200.000.000 ESCX

Circulating Supply: 97.241.686 ESCX

Token Price: $0.007

Official Office

Disclaimer :

Trading digital assets and investing is a high-risk activity. The price of digital assets is very volatile, where prices can change over time. We advise users to use risk management, financial management, and your own strategy before investing or trading digital assets. PT.Edukasi Digital Aset Indonesia does not require users to invest, sell, buy or trade Crypto Assets. All decisions are made independently by the users themselves.